Process of Making

Manufacturing Process


Raw Material

Oils like rice brand oil, acid oil,palm fatty oil and other non-edible oil etc….Poured in to bigpan mixed with caustic soda lye,heated till the completed sponification.

Next day the sponified materials taken out poured into smaller pans per the proportionate quantity require.
The material is heated for at least next 02 HRS & mixed sodium silicate.Then additional quantity of oil & soap stone powder,which is required to mixed in it.

After mixing it properly than the material is taken out in to very small pans called sanchey.

Then the sanchez are left for 24 Hrs to convert the material in to the blocks. Then the blocks are taken out & soap is ready for cutting & packing.

Next Step

In the next step the blocks are being cut into small cakes with the help of iron wire as per the required sizes. Then the pieces are being packed in printed wrappers & then packed in 10 kg or 9 kg packet  of polythene bags. Now the packed soap becomes ready for sale. The total quantity of soap packed are counted and entered in RG-1 & clear from Rg-1 stock. Otherwise we entered the total quantity of soap production in RG-1 at the end (evening) after properly  counting of packing during the day.

However clearance are entered in RG-1 at the same time of its removal. The side cutting /edge cutting of blocks are our process stocks, which is meant for re-use within our factory by mixing along with fesh material.

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